Ecclesial Leadership

Ecclesial Leadership

Ecclesial Leadership
  • Lectionary to Go

    3 seasons

    Dr. Roger Hahn reflects on lectionary readings for study and preaching.

  • Rooted: Creating a Contemplative Congregational Culture

    This workshop session was presented at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2019. It is facilitated by Greg Hunt, Ph.D. who was Conference Coordinator and is Research Professor at Central Seminary and also features Rev. Robin Sandbothe, Dir. of Seminary Relations at Central Seminary, and Co-Pa...

  • Jeren Rowell and Jenny Matheny: Living With Lament

    President and Professor of Pastoral Ministry Dr. Jeren Rowell and Assistant Professor of Old Testament Dr. Jenny Matheny discuss the role of lament in the life of faith and in the life of the church.
    Bernard Anderson, Out of the Depths, (2000)
    Walter Brueggemann, The Message of the Ps...

  • Youth and Children Ministry

    10 items

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: Preaching Holiness

    Dr. Jeren Rowell, President and Professor of Pastoral Ministry at NTS, shares about the task of preaching and living holiness.

  • Living the Way of Jesus: A Lenten Journey

    8 items

    The NTS Spring 2021 Pastor in Residence, Rev. Michaele LaVigne, offers this video series for the NTS community during the season of Lent. The series includes reflections on the lectionary Gospel texts from Year B and guided spiritual practices. The series runs from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday ...

  • Wesley Conference 2021

    6 items

    Plenary sessions from Northwest Nazarene University's 2021 virtual Wesley Center Conference entitled The Economics of Vocational Ministry: Living at the Crossroads of Affordability and Calling.

  • Let's Talk About: Financial Literacy

    2 seasons

    Let's Talk About is a series produced by Nazarene Theological Seminary and the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership. It is offered in an effort to help resource the church for vital ministry. Let’s Talk About: Financial Literacy features Dr. Jesse Middendorf and Dr. Bill Kirkemo.

    Let's Talk Abou...

  • Dean Blevins: Ministerial Entrepreneurship

    Dean Blevins: Ministerial Entrepreneurship
    This workshop examines the value of identifying, empowering, and equipping the innovative and entrepreneurial pastors and leaders among us as a growing strategy in engaging mission both locally and globally.

  • Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry

    Dean Blevins, Shannon Greene, and Mike King explore what it means to create life-changing ministries of spiritual formation for youth and young adults.


  • Panel: Affirming Women in Our Ecclesial Structures

    The relaunch of the Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership took place on November 2, 2021. The event corresponded with the 2021 Mercer Lectures on Holiness with Dr. Sondra Wheeler. The panel includes Dr. Jenny Matheny, Dr. Sondra Wheeler, Rev. Michaele LaVigne, Rev. Janice Ballard, and the Rev. D...

  • Dr. Scott Daniels: Sacramental Theology in the Church

    Pastor's Day, 2015, Session 1. Dr. Scott Daniels talks about sacramental theology in the church.

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Ritual and Repair

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her final lecture was entitled 'Ritual and Repair.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Solitude and Service

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her second lecture was entitled 'Solitude and Service.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Belonging and Vulnerability

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her first lecture was entitled
    'Belonging and Vulnerability,'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: What I Wish I Knew Then

    Jeren Rowell offers some important advice for those in their first years of ministry. Dr. Rowell is President of Nazarene Theological Seminary and Professor of Pastoral Ministry at NTS.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz: Wesley Spiritual Practices as a Resource for Ministry

    In this Pastors and Leaders Conference address, Dr. Schwanz identifies some of the resources of the Wesleyan tradition that provide spiritual sustenance for the minister and emotional health for long term missional ministry.
    Dr. Judith (Judi) Schwanz is Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling ...

  • Dr. Doug Hardy Panel Discussion: Developing a Meaningful Sabbatical

    Dr. Doug Hardy, Professor of Spiritual Formation at NTS hosts a panel discussion on how to think about and structure a meaningful sabbatical. Other participants included Revs. Daron Brown, Rob Kazee, and Phil Hamner.

  • Charlie Self: Discipleship and Faith Formation in Today's Church

    Resources from Dr. Self:
    Vocations and Occupations:
    Resources for Discipleship:
    Resources for Flourishing:

    Print Resources:
    Helen Kim: Faith and work Curriculum for kids (link below)
    Diana Garland: Congregational Social Work: C...

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: Theological Administration

    When pastors do their work well, the value of that ministry goes much deeper than services rendered to a people. It is possible to conduct the work of congregational administration in ways that build on the foundation of a pastoral theology that provides the truest kind of leadership for the chur...

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Life Together

    Dr. Middendorf delivers a chapel sermon at NTS on the perils of financial indebtedness in the parish.

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Sociology of the Small Church

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks about how the sociological aspects of a church can have a greater impact than formal ecclesiological structures (and more) which are imposed on it from the outside. Dr. Middendorf is a former District Superintendent and General Superintendent for the Church of the Nazar...

  • Dr. Steve Borger, Rev. Bonnie Beam: COMPASS Initiative

    Dr. Steve Borger and Rev. Bonnie Beam talk about the COMPASS Initiative. In 2016, the Church of the Nazarene received a grant from the Lilly Endowment's National Initiative to Address the Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders. With this grant the Church of the Nazarene created The COMPASS I...

  • Dr. Mark Lail: Money Talks

    Mark Lail, the Director for Stewardship Ministries at the GMC talks about the When, Why, and How ministers should talk about money in the church.