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  • Let's Talk About: Financial Literacy

    2 seasons

    Let's Talk About is a series produced by Nazarene Theological Seminary and the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership. It is offered in an effort to help resource the church for vital ministry. Let’s Talk About: Financial Literacy features Dr. Jesse Middendorf and Dr. Bill Kirkemo.

    Let's Talk Abou...

  • 2016 USA/Canada Theology Conference

    11 videos

    In September 2016, Nazarene pastors, scholars, and students from across the United States and Canada gathered in Kansas City, Missouri, at Nazarene Theological Seminary for a three-day USA/Canada Theology Conference. The conference’s theme was “The Pilgrim People of God Living in Exile" and was s...

  • 2018 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference

    6 videos

  • Thinking Out Loud

    37 videos

    General Superintendent Emeritus of the Church of the Nazarene and Executive Director of the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership Dr. Jesse Middendorf reflects on the pressing issues facing the theology and practice of pastoral ministry.

  • Lectionary to Go

    3 seasons

    Dr. Roger Hahn reflects on lectionary readings for study and preaching.

  • Ecclesiology and Leadership

    18 videos

  • Critical Issues
    35 videos

    Critical Issues

    35 videos

  • Preaching
    45 videos


    45 videos

  • Worship
    13 videos


    13 videos

  • Spiritual Formation

    24 videos

  • Administration and Finances

    14 videos

  • Pastoral Ministry and Care

    39 videos

  • Bible and Theology

    48 videos

  • Youth and Children Ministry

    10 videos

  • Evangelism and Mission

    24 videos

  • 2014 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference

    8 videos — 1 extra

  • 2015 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference

    7 videos

    The theme for this years preacher's conference is Local Flavor: Preaching in Context. Featuring Daron Brown, Brent Hofen, Mondragons, Althea Taylor, Shawna Gaines, Albert Hung and Phil Stout

  • 2017 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference

    6 videos