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Spiritual Formation

  • Spiritual Formation

    27 videos

  • Dr. Scott Daniels: Sacramental Theology in the Church

    Pastor's Day, 2015, Session 1. Dr. Scott Daniels talks about sacramental theology in the church.

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Enneagram as a Tool for Spiritual Transformation

    Dr. Doug Hardy is the Professor of Spiritual Formation at Nazarene Theological Seminary.

  • Rev. Chris Folmsbee: The Wesley Challenge

    Rev. Chris Folmsbee describes a new curriculum designed to help believers deepen their faith and live more authentically in the world. Folmsbee is the director of discipleship at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS. He is the author of numerous books on spiritual format...

  • Dr. Doug Hardy Panel Discussion: Developing a Meaningful Sabbatical

    Dr. Doug Hardy, Professor of Spiritual Formation at NTS hosts a panel discussion on how to think about and structure a meaningful sabbatical. Other participants included Revs. Daron Brown, Rob Kazee, and Phil Hamner.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz: Wesley Spiritual Practices as a Resource for Ministry

    In this Pastors and Leaders Conference address, Dr. Schwanz identifies some of the resources of the Wesleyan tradition that provide spiritual sustenance for the minister and emotional health for long term missional ministry.
    Dr. Judith (Judi) Schwanz is Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling ...

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: Spiritual Formation in Families

    Dr. Dean Blevins is a Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship

  • Dr. Dean Blevins and Dr. Doug Hardy: Prayer

    An interview with NTS professors and co-authors Dr. Dean Blevins and Doug Hardy about the practice of prayer and their study guide, 'Prayer, Sharing Intimate Space with God.'

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Spiritual Direction for Pastors

    Dr. Hardy talks about the role of spiritual directors in the church.

  • Panel Discussion: Best Practices for Pastoral Health

    Vocational ministry is a challenging profession that too often leads to ministry fatigue and burnout. This discussion offers hope, encouragement, and practical suggestions for pastors ready for an honest conversation about their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Panel Discussion: Souljourners

    An 2017 NTS chapel discussion about spiritual direction. Panelists included Dr. Doug Hardy, Peggy Beatty, Rob Carr, Nancy Wyatt, and Sister Bridget Dickasen director of the Keeler Women's Center and a sister at Mount Saint Scholastica.

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Spiritual Formation

    Know yourself, know your God. Doug speaks about self-knowledge and how important it is to spiritual formation. Dr. Doug Hardy is Professor of Spiritual Formation

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: The Role of Calling in the Lives of Emerging Adults

    Dr. Dean Blevins explores the social phenomenon of emerging adulthood and the critical role of the church and pastors in guiding young adults to embrace their call.

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Living Contemplatively in Troubled Times

    Dr. Doug Hardy is a professor of Spiritual Formation at Nazarene Theological Seminary. His talk 'Living Contemplatively in Troubled Times' was given at the Pastors and Leaders Conference (PALCON) at Point Loma Nazarene University on July 31st, 2018.

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: What I Wish I Knew Then

    Jeren Rowell offers some important advice for those in their first years of ministry. Dr. Rowell is President of Nazarene Theological Seminary and Professor of Pastoral Ministry at NTS.

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Belonging and Vulnerability

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her first lecture was entitled
    'Belonging and Vulnerability,'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Ritual and Repair

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her final lecture was entitled 'Ritual and Repair.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Solitude and Service

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her second lecture was entitled 'Solitude and Service.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Developing and Use of Ritual for Pastoral Care

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks about the use of ritual, and developing ritual for pastoral care.

  • Rooted: Creating a Contemplative Congregational Culture

    This workshop session was presented at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2019. It is facilitated by Greg Hunt, Ph.D. who was Conference Coordinator and is Research Professor at Central Seminary and also features Rev. Robin Sandbothe, Dir. of Seminary Relations at Central Seminary, and Co-Pa...

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Holy Travel

    With global networking and advanced technologies, travel has become easier, less expensive, and more frequent. This workshop provides practical guidance for making our movement—whether across town or across continents, for work or for pleasure—a sacred practice of pilgrimage ... that is, more ref...

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Learn to Rest, Take a Journey, Find a Guide

    Dr. Doug Hardy: Learn to Rest, Take a Journey, Find a Guide: Contemplative Practices for 21st Century Leaders.

  • Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry

    Dean Blevins, Shannon Greene, and Mike King explore what it means to create life-changing ministries of spiritual formation for youth and young adults.


  • Derek Vreeland: By the Way

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks with Pastor Derek Vreeland about his recent book By the Way: Getting Serious About Following Jesus, and explores what it looks like for churches to take discipleship seriously in a post-Christian culture. Learn more about Derek's book at: