Biblical Justice

Biblical Justice

Biblical Justice
  • Black Friday

    Black Friday, 2022: the Words of Christ and the Nguzo Saba

    Join us for this guided reflection as leaders offer prayers, readings, and reflections that lead viewers through the seven last words of Jesus from the cross. Rooted in the Black experience, the reflections offered provide social comment...

  • 2021 Tom Nees Lectures on Social Justice

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    NTS hosted the 2021 Tom Nees Lectures on Social Justice in a virtual format under the title Reimagining Community: Race and the White Church.

    Dr. Robert Jones, CEO and founder of Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and the author of White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American...

  • 2022 Grider-Winget Lectures in Theology

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    Dr. Jennings was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Jennings received his B.A. in Religion and Theological Studies from Calvin College (1984), his M.Div. (Master of Divinity degree) from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California, and his Ph.D. degree from Duke University. Dr....

  • Panel: Affirming Women in Our Ecclesial Structures

    The relaunch of the Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership took place on November 2, 2021. The event corresponded with the 2021 Mercer Lectures on Holiness with Dr. Sondra Wheeler. The panel includes Dr. Jenny Matheny, Dr. Sondra Wheeler, Rev. Michaele LaVigne, Rev. Janice Ballard, and the Rev. D...

  • Dr. Jessica Moerman: How To "Pro-life" & Clean Energy

    What does having a "pro-life" posture relate to clean energy? This webinar with Christian and climate scientist, Dr. Jessica Moerman, explores the connections between the way we use energy as the people of God and caring for the least of these. This webinar was hosted and produced in 2021 in part...

  • Rev. Megan Pardue: How To Eat Together as a Church

    Eating together is a core part of who we are as people and communities. This discussion explores how the local church can engage further in this intersection of food and faith. This webinar was hosted and produced in 2021 in partnership with Nazarenes For Creation Care as part of the Church "How ...

  • Rev. Brit Bolerjack: How To Zero Waste Church

    Rev. Brit Bolerjack shares on what it means for the local church to work toward eliminating waste, and our relationship with natural resources as the people of God and offers practical steps for the local church to engage in the work of creation care. This webinar was hosted and produced in 2021 ...

  • Jesse Middendorf, Stuart Williams: Pastoral Reflections on Racism

    Jesse Middendorf, Stuart Williams, and Dana Preusch reflect on the theological and pastoral concerns surrounding racism.

  • Rev. Tara Beth Leach: When a Woman Preaches

    Tara Beth Leach is senior pastor of First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena in Southern California. She discusses and celebrates the unique voices and styles of women in the pulpit.

  • Dr. Middendorf: The Church and Race

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks about how the church can respond better to issues of racism in the church.

  • Dr. AJ Swoboda: Creation Care Matters

    Dr. AJ Swoboda was the featured speaker at an NTS chapel on Feb 27th, 2018. Dr. Swoboda is a professor, author, and pastor of Theophilus in urban Portland, Oregon. He is the lead mentor of a Doctor of Ministry program on the Holy Spirit and Leadership at Fuller Seminary, and teaches theology, bib...

  • Dr. Dan Boone: Human Sexuality

    Dr. Dan Boone was the featured speaker at the annual NTS Pastors Day in 2016. He is a Nazarene minister, author, and president of Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Women in Ministry

    The Church of The Nazarene has always and will always support women pastors, preachers and leaders.

  • Dr. Carla Sunberg and Christine Jones: A Place At the Table, Women in Leadership

    Carla Sunberg hosts a conversation with Christine Jones about leadership, women and a place at the table for all.

  • Dr. Jan Lanham and Dr. Mary Paul: Women Clergy - Their Unique Concerns and Gifts

    Dr. Mary Paul, Dr. Jan Lanham, and Dr. Jesse Middendorf discuss critical issues surrounding the unique challenges facing women called to ministry.

  • Moving Towards Anti-Racism in the Church

    Rev. Christine Hung and Dr. Brandon Winstead join Dr. Jesse Middendorf in a conversation about the history of black participation in the Church of the Nazarene and how to collaborate on anti-racist initiatives going forward.

  • Rev. Chet Bush: Called to the Fire

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks to Pastor Chet Bush about being a long time pastor in the South and how the Church can take meaningful action towards racial justice. Bush is also the author of Called to the Fire which is the true story of Dr. Charles Johnson, an African American preacher who went to ...

  • Systemic Racism: A Canadian Perspective

    Pastor Stuart Williams of Skyview Community Church in Calgary ( shares a discussion he had with Dr. Monetta Bailey and Dr. Colin Toffelmire of Ambrose University about what systemic racism is and how Christians can respond to the problem of racism present in society today.

  • Rev. Rebecca Lum: Creativity, Confidence and Companioning

    Rev. Rebecca Lum's address on Confidence is part two of a pre-conference workshop for women clergy held on the Mid America Nazarene campus during a 2016 Pastors and Leaders Conference. The conference theme was 'Creativity, Confidence, and Companioning: Vital Development in Times of Change.' At th...