Youth and Children Ministry

Youth and Children Ministry

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Youth and Children Ministry
  • Dr. Dean Blevins: Fear or Faith?

    Dr. Dean Blevins: Fear or Faith? The Neuroscience of Evangelizing Children and Youth
    Recent research in neuroscience is changing the way we engage children and youth in fields like education, therapy, and communication. How might neuroscientific insights shape how we evangelize young people? Exp...

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: Neuroscience and the Christian Formation of Youth

    Dr. Dean Blevins offers a brief overview of the emerging field of research on the topic of neuroscience and Christian formation especially as it relates to youth development. Dr. Blevins is Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship at NTS.

  • Youth on the Brain: Discovering the Role of Neuroscience in Youth Ministry

    Co-hosted by YouthFront and Nazarene Theological Seminary, Youth on the Brain: Discovering the Role of Neuroscience in Youth Ministry features a panel including Dr. Dean Blevins, Professor of Practical Theology and Discipleship at NTS, Dr. Se Kim, Assistant Director: Dialogue on Science, Ethics, ...

  • Dr. Holly Allen: Intergenerate: The Why and How of Intergenerational Ministry

    Dr. Holly Allen delivers the 2018 (NTS) Latham Lectures in Early Childhood Ministry at the annual Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries (SDMI) Convention in Cincinnati OH. Her focus was intergenerational ministry.

  • David Csinos: Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus

    This workshop offers innovative ideas and thoughtful practices for doing ministry with young people in ways that help form them into thoughtful, engaged, and authentic disciples of Jesus.

    David M. Csinos is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Atlantic School of Theology Theology in Ha...

  • David Csinos: More Radical than We Realize

    “Intergenerational” has become a hot topic for folks involved in faith formation. But what does it really mean to foster relationships among people of various ages? What do we gain? What do we lose? In this workshop, David Csinos explores just how countercultural it is to engage in intergeneratio...

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: Spiritual Formation in Families

    Dr. Dean Blevins is a Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship

  • Rooted: Creating a Contemplative Youth Ministry

    Presented at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, The plenary speaker for the Rooted conference was NTS professor Dr. Douglas Hardy, professor of Spiritual Formation. Download the workshop handout:

    Presented by:
    Adam Cooper - Youth Pastor, Jacob's Well Church, KCMO
    Dezo S...

  • Charlie Self: Discipleship and Faith Formation in Today's Church

    Resources from Dr. Self:
    Vocations and Occupations:
    Resources for Discipleship:
    Resources for Flourishing:

    Print Resources:
    Helen Kim: Faith and work Curriculum for kids (link below)
    Diana Garland: Congregational Social Work: C...

  • Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry

    Dean Blevins, Shannon Greene, and Mike King explore what it means to create life-changing ministries of spiritual formation for youth and young adults.