Pastoral Ministry and Care

Pastoral Ministry and Care

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Pastoral Ministry and Care
  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Developing and Use of Ritual for Pastoral Care

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks about the use of ritual, and developing ritual for pastoral care.

  • Dr. Jeren and Starla Rowell: Making Time for Your Marriage

    Dr. Jeren and Mrs. Starla Rowell talk about building marital intimacy and health in the midst of the relentless demands of ministry. This video focuses on learning and practices that they have implemented across 39 years of marriage.

    This content was presented as a workshop at the M19 Confere...

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Ritual and Repair

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her final lecture was entitled 'Ritual and Repair.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Solitude and Service

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her second lecture was entitled 'Solitude and Service.'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird: Belonging and Vulnerability

    Dr. Rebecca Laird presented a series of three lectures on a theme of 'An Altogether Christian Community' for Pastors Day at NTS (Nov 2018). Her first lecture was entitled
    'Belonging and Vulnerability,'

    See the PowerPoint Presentations here:

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Sociology of the Small Church

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf talks about how the sociological aspects of a church can have a greater impact than formal ecclesiological structures (and more) which are imposed on it from the outside. Dr. Middendorf is a former District Superintendent and General Superintendent for the Church of the Nazar...

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Life Together

    Dr. Middendorf delivers a chapel sermon at NTS on the perils of financial indebtedness in the parish.

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: What I Wish I Knew Then

    Jeren Rowell offers some important advice for those in their first years of ministry. Dr. Rowell is President of Nazarene Theological Seminary and Professor of Pastoral Ministry at NTS.

  • Panel Discussion: Best Practices for Pastoral Health

    Vocational ministry is a challenging profession that too often leads to ministry fatigue and burnout. This discussion offers hope, encouragement, and practical suggestions for pastors ready for an honest conversation about their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Dr. Jeren Rowell: Pastoral Calling and Identity

    Dr. Jeren Rowell is president of Nazarene Theological Seminary. He served for many years as a pastor and district superintendent and reflects here on pastoral calling and identity.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz: Grief and Ambiguous Loss

    Dr. Judi Schwanz discusses a unique aspect of grief know as 'ambiguous loss' and how to process it. Dr. Schwanz is Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at NTS.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz: Grief and the Holidays

    Dr. Judi Schwanz discusses how to respond to grief and loss during the holidays in a church setting and beyond. Dr. Schwanz is a Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at NTS.

  • Rev. Albert and Rev. Christine Hung: Their Journey and Ministry

    In this 2017 NTS chapel, Dr. Dean Blevins, Albert Hung, and Christine Hung, talk about Albert's new role as the Northern California District Superintendent. Topics addressed in the discussion include Multi-congregational and Multiracial congregations.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz: Caring for Those Who Grieve

    A conversation about how pastors and lay persons alike can effectively care for those who are dealing with grief and loss. Schwanz is a Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at NTS.

  • Dr. Doug Hardy: Living Contemplatively in Troubled Times

    Dr. Doug Hardy is a professor of Spiritual Formation at Nazarene Theological Seminary. His talk 'Living Contemplatively in Troubled Times' was given at the Pastors and Leaders Conference (PALCON) at Point Loma Nazarene University on July 31st, 2018.

  • Dr. Carla Sunberg: The Critical Role of Discipleship in the Local Church

    In this webinar, Dr. Carla Sunberg explores the importance of discipleship in the life of the pastor, and then how that can be manifest in the life of the congregation.

  • Dr. Judi Schwanz and Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Navigating Staff Relationships

    Staff relationships can be complicated. Different personalities, leadership styles and philosophies can quickly derail and debilitate a church – not to mention the senior pastor. Join Dr. Judi Schwanz (Pastoral Care and Counseling Professor at NTS) and Dr. Jess Middendorf (longtime pastor and exe...

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: What Would Jesus “Like”?

    During the 2017 General Assembly, delegates adopted a resolution designed to address social media practice. This webinar explores the impact of social media, its influence in congregational life, and suggestions for future practice through the 'lens' of that resolution.

  • Dr. Mark Walker: The Pastor as Mentor

    This webinar focuses on how seasoned pastors (mentors) can help emerging pastors (mentees) form the character, understanding, and practices essential for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.

  • Dr. Jeremy Selvidge: Essential Components of Clergy Health

    A study of pastors on the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene revealed several essential components of healthy pastors. This webinar details those findings and considers how pastors can take steps towards greater health that will lead to thriving in life and in ministry.

  • Dr. Brannon Hancock: Pastor as Worship Leader and vice-versa

    This webinar features Dr. Brannon Hancock, Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Worship at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is author of the book 'The Scandal of Sacramentality: the Eucharist in Literary and Theological Perspectives' (Pickwick, 2014)

  • Dr. Roger Hahn: Increasing Biblical Literacy in Your Church

    Dr. Roger Hahn offers practical ways for pastors to increase Biblical literacy in their churches. Dr. Hahn is Professor of New Testament; Willard H. Taylor Chair of Biblical Theology.

  • Panel Discussion: Grief Workshop

    Starla Rowel, Anne Hardy, and Judi Schwanz discuss how to be a spiritual leader among grieving people.
    Chapel 10-31-17 Grief Workshop

  • Dr. Jesse Middendorf: Working with Strong Laity

    Dr. Jesse Middendorf offers a workshop at the 2016 Pastors and Leaders Conference (Mid America Nazarene) on the benefits of harnessing the strategic talents of gifted and accomplished laity in the Church.