Critical Issues

Critical Issues

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Critical Issues
  • Dr. Carla Sunberg: Creativity, Confidence, and Companioning

    Dr. Carla Sunberg (former president of NTS and now General Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene) kicks off a pre-conference workshop for women clergy held on the campus of Mid America Nazarene University during a 2016 Pastors and Leaders Conference entitled 'Creativity, Confidence, and Co...

  • Dr. Leah Gunning Francis: Leadership at the Crossroads of Faith and Public Life

    At this NTS Pastors Day in 2017, Dr. Leah Gunning Francis talks about how the Church can take leadership in the continual struggle to create equality in our communities.

  • Revs. Tara Beth Leach and Marcos Canales: Worship in Spirit and In Truth

    Tara Beth Leach and Marcos Canales talk about how we shape our corporate worship services especially as it relates to multiculturalism.

  • Dr. Dean Blevins: Understanding and Leading with Millennials

    The workshop explores the history that shapes and defines the millennial generation. NTS professor Dr. Dean Blevins discusses their strengths, challenges, and concerns, as well as explores approaches that will lead to a holistic and lasting method of discipleship.

  • Panel Discussion: Predatory Lending

    Rev. Deth Im (PICO National Network) and Rev. Megan Rae Krebs and Rev. Jake Edwards (both from Lee's Summit New Beginnings Church) talk about predatory lending and what their church is doing to help.
    chapel, Feb 20, 2018

  • Dr. AJ Swoboda: Creation Care Matters

    Dr. AJ Swoboda was the featured speaker at an NTS chapel on Feb 27th, 2018. Dr. Swoboda is a professor, author, and pastor of Theophilus in urban Portland, Oregon. He is the lead mentor of a Doctor of Ministry program on the Holy Spirit and Leadership at Fuller Seminary, and teaches theology, bib...

  • Rev. Charles Tillman: Ministry and Race

    Dr. Steve Johnson interviews Rev. Charles Tillman.

  • Made to Flourish: Practical Guidance for Attacking Predatory Lending

    Artie Lindsay, Deth Im, and Jake Edwards explore the theological and practical issues surrounding predatory lending. This video is a partnership between Made to Flourish and the Nazarene Theological Seminary's Center for Pastoral Leadership.

  • Dana Lambert: Strategies for Effectively Ministering to Seniors

    Dana has a Master of Social Work from the University of Kansas, is a licensed clinical social worker in Kansas and Missouri and is a Kansas Supreme Court approved Mediator. She serves as a social worker at AgeWise Advocacy & Consulting.

    For nursing home comparison, Medicare and lo...

  • Todd and Roshanda Womack: Beyond Sunday - Closing the Secular and Sacred Gap

    Todd and Roshanda Womack: Beyond Sunday: Closing the Gap between Secular and Sacred. Pastors of Outreach at Flint Central COTN, Todd and Roshanda Womack talk about how Christians can live out their faith and vocations beyond the church walls.

    Resources: Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundle...

  • Todd and Roshanda Womack: Building Bridges

    Pastors of Outreach at Flint Central COTN, Todd and Roshanda Womack, discuss the good (but hard) work of bridge building in the church and our communities. What does reconciliation mean and look like in an era of great division in our country? What is the role of the believer in being a part of t...